The governing board or board of trustees of an Episcopal Church parish is called “the Vestry.”  The Rector is the ex officio president of the parish corporation and chair of the Vestry.

The Vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property. There are twelve Vestry members, including two Wardens. There are also a Treasurer and a Clerk of the Vestry. At St. Paul’s Parish, vestry members serve three-year terms; four members are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting in January of each year.

St. Paul’s Medina Vestry at Work

The senior lay people in the parish are known as the Wardens.  The Senior Warden is nominated by the Rector and confirmed by the Vestry; the Junior Warden is nominated and elected by the Vestry.  The Wardens are elected from the Vestry membership to serve one-year terms.  Typically, the Senior Warden is elected to serve during his or her third year on the Vestry; the Junior Warden is usually a member in his or her second year of Vestry service.  The Senior Warden leads the parish between Rectors and is a support person for the Rector; the Junior Warden assists the Senior Warden and usually succeeds the Senior Warden.

The Treasurer and Clerk are elected annually by the Vestry; they are not members of the Vestry, but serve as advisors to the Vestry and as corporate officers of the parish.  They have seat and voice, but not vote, at Vestry meetings.  Election of the Wardens, Treasurer, and Clerk are held at special meeting of the Vestry immediately following the Annual Parish Meeting.

In November, the first-year members of the Vestry are appointed as a nominating committee. This committee meets and establishes a list of parishioners who are qualified electors of St. Paul’s Parish.  To be a “qualified elector” a member must be a communicant in good standing who has a record of bona fide financial support of the parish’s mission and ministry.  These individuals are invited to run for election for the Vestry.

The basic responsibilities of the Vestry are:

  • to help define and articulate the mission of this congregation
  • to support the church’s mission by word and deed
  • to select the Rector
  • to ensure effective organization and planning
  • to manage resources and finances

Current Vestry Members:


  • Taylor French (Senior Warden)
  • Tim Scheel
  • Ray Sizemore
  • Bobbie Foy


  • Jason Badovick
  • Jennifer Bender
  • Todd Bracker
  • Judith DuBose (Junior Warden)


  • Beth Gierosky
  • Melanie Ivey
  • Steve Rucinski
  • Cindy Smith

Nick Coyle Youth Representative

Chris Fulton Treasurer

Melinda Rucinski Clerk