Free Farmers’ Market

The St. Paul’s Free Farmers’ Market was established more than twenty years ago as a way for the people of St. Paul’s Parish to aid those less fortunate than themselves particularly those in need of food. The brainchild of the late Bob and Betty Schultz, it was originally stocked with produce from parishioners’ vegetable gardens. It quickly became apparent that the need was greater than imagined and other sources of foodstuffs were sought.

Free Farmers' Market
St. Paul's Parish, Medina, Ohio

The Free Farmers’ Market is now a distribution point in the Akron/Canton Food Bank System which covers Medina and Summit Counties. In addition to regular purchases of foods from the Food Bank (and receipt of its free distributions), the Free Farmers’ Market also receives donations from, or purchases food at cost from, Marc’s and Aldi’s grocery stores, Panera Bread Co., and other donors.

Funding for the Free Farmers’ Market comes from the parish operating budget, grants from Episcopal Community Services Foundation of the Diocese of Ohio, other granting institutions, and individual donors.

The Free Farmers’ Market is staffed by volunteers and is open two Saturday mornings each month. Each time it is open, the Market provides about a week’s worth of groceries to, on average, about 100 local households.

To volunteer at the Free Farmers’ Market, make a donation to its ministry, or inquire about receiving its services contact the Church Office at 330.725.4131