Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers


Lector is the title given to those who read the assigned Scriptures for the day. The Ministry of the Lector is to proclaim the Word of God by reading from both the Old and New Testament at church services throughout the year. A Lector may also leads the Prayers of the People. Lectors are scheduled to serve at both Sunday morning services. Lectors are not required to be licensed and anyone with a love of Scripture and a good speaking voice can be a Lector after a short training session.

Eucharistic Minsters

A Eucharistic Minister is a lay person licensed by the Bishop to administer the consecrated elements (Bread and Wine) of the Holy Eucharist. Eucharistic Ministers may be licensed to administer the consecrated Bread and Wine at any celebration of Holy Communion in the absence of a sufficient number of priests or deacons to assist the Presider. Typically at St. Paul’s Parish, two Eucharistic Ministers will serve at the Sunday 8 a.m. Service, three at the 10 a.m. Service, and one at the 5:30 p.m. Service.

If you are interested in training for either of these ministries and joining the team of liturgical assistants, contact either the Rector or our Liturgical Ministries Coordinator Linda Garman at the Church Office, 330.725.4131

This calendar, arranged by Sunday date, shows morning service assignments through the end of July 2010.